News Item: COVID-19 Update
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Wednesday March 03 2021 - 12:37:00

As a service to all our traveling family and friends, we will attempt to keep you up to date regarding the COVID-19 situation.

Being immunized against COVID-19 can prevent you from getting the virus and protect others around you. The vaccine has been found in trials to be 95 percent effective in preventing COVID-19 infections in participants, and its side effects are generally mild, including fatigue, headache and sometimes fever for a day or two. While the COVID-19 vaccine is new, the science used to create it is not. The COVID-19 vaccine has been thoroughly tested in laboratory and clinical settings to make sure it is safe and effective. The FDA approved the vaccines under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), meaning the vaccine must be proven safe and effective in the same way that all medications and devices must be. Scientists will continue to study the effects of the vaccine for the next few years. The vaccine would not be approved for use if it were harmful or unsafe.

We understand that some people may be concerned about getting vaccinated now that COVID-19 vaccines are available in the United States. While more COVID-19 vaccines are being developed as quickly as possible, routine processes and procedures remain in place to ensure the safety of any vaccine that is authorized or approved for use. Safety is a top priority, and there are many reasons to get vaccinated.

We will be requiring all passengers on our bus tours to be vaccinated and to show proof of vaccination prior to departure. The only exceptions to not being vaccinated will be due to health reasons. For health reasons, we must have a statement from your Doctor saying that you can not receive the vaccine and also that your are healthy enough to participate in our tour.

The CDC has recommended that everyone wear a face covering when out in public. Here is a web site that will show you how to make a easy face covering from materials that you may have at home. CDC Face Covering Web Site

Please encourage all of your friends, family and neighbors to STAY HOME AND WEAR A FACE COVERING.  Yes, this is going to affect everyone to some degree, mostly it is an inconvenience, but others will be affected financially. Us too! The threat of this virus is still not being taken seriously by enough people across our country, and the consequences of these actions will prove to be deadly for many.  Each of us are of age to be highly vulnerable to this disease, which could KILL US. Even being around your grandchildren could potentially harm you.  

We must all be soldiers to inform others of the importance to adhere to the recommendations to distance ourselves from others for the short period of time being recommended.  This threat is VERY REAL and can end up being devastating if allowed to spread out of control like it is capable of doing if we don’t take the precautionary measures to slow it down. People are not paying attention to what the health officials are urging us to do. This is not a political issue. People seem to be numb to what they are being told and the threat that this virus poses to our generation.

Please stay SAFE and stay HEALTHY! 

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