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Friday September 17 2021 - 19:08:34

August or September 2022


We are considering offering a Viking River Cruise that includes the Passion Play in 2022. I know, I know, we said we would probably not be going at all in 2022, but at that time we were not thinking of taking a cruise. We recently received information from Viking indicating they would be offering cruises in 2022 which would include the Passion Play Performance. We love cruising with Viking…they take exceptional care of their passengers. Their Viking Longships hold only 190 passengers creating an intimate travel experience on the calm waters of Europe's Rivers. We have been on many Viking River Cruises and have the utmost confidence in their company and how they operate their tours. The initial cost of these cruise/tours will seem expensive, but you take into consideration that the price includes, ALL transportation once your flight arrives, ALL meals on board the ship, at least one complimentary sightseeing tour is included at each port (with optional tours to choose from if you want something different), complimentary beer & wine served at lunch and dinner, nightly entertainment onboard and travel insurance. We may also include extra nights in a hotel before and/or after the cruise if they are not already included. 

There is still much uncertainty about which itineraries Viking will be offering but below are 3 they have hinted that may be included on their schedule. Shelly and I have been to all of the stops on the following itineraries and each place has a special uniqueness to it. It would be difficult for us to pick a favorite. Viking may, and probably will add a few additional itineraries to their schedule as well, but for now we want to present you with these. 

We know that some of you didn't ask for information for the 2022 trip, but because you were scheduled to go with us in 2020, we wanted to include everyone in the information. Please note, we are NOT selling these cruise/tours yet, this is just a "Heads Up" that something will be coming in the next few months and we want you to be prepared, as these cruise/tours will sell out quickly.

 So, for those of you that MAY be interested in receiving information regarding the cruise/tour for the 2022 Passion Play, we would like for you to look at the following 3 proposed itineraries and let us know in order 1st,2nd,3rd choice which one you would prefer. This is not confirming or committing you to go, this is just to give us guidance on which itinerary to choose. You are under NO obligation to sign up when the time comes. If you are not interested at all, please do not send us your choices. If there is a different itinerary that you would be interested in other than the 3 we have provided, please let us know and if they offer it, we may consider it instead. Here is a web link for Viking River Cruises. 

Viking Website Link 

Even if the itinerary we choose is not one that would interest you, we can still make all of your arrangements for you to go as an independent traveler. Viking will meet you at the airport in Europe and take care of you every step of the way.

We know that you will have questions at this time we do not have the answers for, but here is what we do know and do not know. 

PRICE - It depends on the itinerary and the stateroom on the ship. We will estimate between $6,500.00 - $9,500.00 per person.

DATE - It depends on the itinerary and availability, but we would like to go between mid-June and the end of August.

FLIGHTS - It is way too early to determine flights, but we will probably fly out of Detroit or Chicago in hopes of not having to make a connection in the U.S. en route to Europe. Our goal is to secure non-stop flights whenever possible.

TRANSPORTATION TO THE AIRPORT - It will not be calculated in the cruise/tour price. If we have enough people signed up to split the cost of an expensive bus (the round trip cost to Chicago could be $250 or more per person with a minimum of 20 pax), we can offer that option later after we know how many people are signed up. If fewer than 20 people sign up, you may need to make your own transportation arrangements to the airport because bus transportation will be cost prohibitive for a handful of people. 

It is imperative that when we contact you about signing up for the cruise/tour, that you know you want to register. We will try to give you as much notice as possible once they release their schedule. As you know, our tour for 2020 sold out in less than 24 hours and we feel that the Viking Cruise/Tour will also sell out quickly. If you think that you can wait a few days to think about it, they may be sold out. Be prepared! 

Also, since we will not be adding any of our own customized tours, meals or attractions to this cruise/tour, everything will be handled by Viking including air and insurance. It will be a packaged price, based on availability and prices at the time we get a quote for you. We will most likely NOT be able to get a group rate and hold space for everyone to make a decision at a later date. The good news is, you will be able to put all charges on your credit card or have the payments come directly from your checking account. Viking may also require final payment many, many months before the cruise. They typically require final payment 6 - 12 months prior to travel. 

Again, your input in this questionnaire does not sign you up for the cruise/tour and you are under no obligation to register. This survey is only a means for us to know what you may or may not be interested in. 

Please email us at to give us your input regarding this cruise/tour or you can simply reply to this email.

Danube Waltz & Passion Play, 12-Day Cruise/Tour
2 nights Oberammergau plus Passion Play, 2 nights Salzburg plus 8-day river cruise, Passau to Budapest (Passion Play at the beginning of your journey, followed by cruise)

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Rhine Getaway & Passion Play, 12-Day Cruise/Tour

8-day river cruise, Amsterdam to Basel plus 2 nights Innsbruck, 2 nights Oberammergau plus Passion Play (Cruise at the beginning of your journey, followed by Passion Play)

Rhine Getaway Itinerary

Romantic Danube & Passion Play, 10-Day Cruise/Tour

1 night Munich, 1 night Oberammergau plus Passion Play plus 8-day river cruise, Regensburg to Budapest (Passion Play at the beginning of your journey, followed by cruise)

Romantic Danube Itinerary

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